Tradition in high-quality,
innovation in technology
and design
scroll down Our identity is based on the pillars of strong values incorporated into our business activities. We maintain the highest standards of production quality, technology and design, while at the same time providing the best possible market prices.

Two decades of Matis

Guided by the same passion – driven by new energy

When we started two decades ago, we had one vision – producing high-quality furniture at affordable prices, and one goal – to become the regional industrial leader. Now, after achieving both, we can proudly say that Matis is the biggest and most successful furniture manufacturer in the region, continuously investing in innovation and technology, but also nurturing the tradition in high-quality as a value incorporated in every aspect of our business.


From one family company with big ideas, four production groups, fully integrated in a successful and stable business system make the Matis Group we are today – the only company in the Balkan region to independently produce all categories of furniture for a complete home furnishing.

Matis – Panel furniture

Quality is in the detail, driven by the taste of those not only looking for aesthetics, but for long lasting pieces of furniture, our products are the result of carefully implemented engineering within our production processes. 

Designed to fulfil the needs of the market, Matis’s flexible technology systems provide high production capacities for many different products, both in smaller and larger production runs, achieving maximum capacity in both cases. 


Matis produces best quality-price ratio:


Kitchens and dining tables

Living room furniture


Bedroom furniture


Children room furniture

Hall units and shoe cabinets


Matis Mebl – Upholstered furniture

We had a vision of expanding our range of products with upholstered furniture that would be recognised for its modern design and high quality at an affordable price. That is why Matis Mebl factories have been created in accordance with European standards and are equipped with the latest technology systems managed by professionals.

Each item of furniture is manufactured with the highest attention to detail, ensuring the final product is of the highest quality. The production process, from the design of functional and modern furniture pieces, through to the manufacturing of high-quality construction elements, and all the way to choosing the highest quality fillers and fabrics for the upholstery, is done to the highest standards which give exceptional results.

Matis Mebl produces:


Modular furniture sets

Corner furniture sets

TDF furniture sets

Beds, armchairs, tabourets and decorative pillows

Matisan – Mattresses, pillows and Box spring beds


Structure, quality, comfort and best support – those are the elements of every mattress, pillow or box spring bed we produce at Matisan. You can have it individually or combined with our rich assortment of Matis beds – both options leave you with high quality products at affordable prices.

The factory is equipped with fully automatized production line and its production assortment consists of:

Mattress toppers



Box-spring beds

Foam Mattresses

Foam Mattresses

Using the latest technological advancements in the production of polyurethane foam, the ideal balance of resistance, elasticity and durability is achieved. The main advantages of polyurethane mattresses is the uninterrupted flow of air, ensuring a pleasant night’s sleep. The foam also adapt to the shape of the human body, providing strong support while allowing for elastic softness.

Advantages of Polyurethane Foam Mattress:

Elasticity – Thanks to the properties of polyurethane foam, these mattresses provide the body with the perfect mix of comfort and support during sleep, the prerequisites of a healthy nights sleep.

Anatomic Effect – Polyurethane foam is a tender, elastic and soft material, easily adaptable to the human body and exhibiting a positive anatomical effect. It can withstand strong pressure and is suitable for people of all body shapes and sizes.

Orthopedic Effect – The foam mattress gives strong support to the spinal column, which remains in contact with the mattress and in the correct position during sleep. It is especially recommended for both the prevention of spinal problems, as well for the treatment and comfort for individuals with existing spinal problems.

Air Flow – Polyurethane foam is a material that has a high permeability of air, ensuring uninterrupted ventilation of the mattress, ensuring both comfort and hygiene.

Ease of Transport – Foam mattresses are compact, they do not deform and they are easily transported.

Pocket Spring Mattresses

The springs are assembled into one whole by utilizing a special sowing process. Each spring is placed into a separate pocket and is therefore able to respond to the load independently and without affecting the other springs. Matisan pocket springs mattresses can be equipped both as a single zone or a seven zone mattress. The seven zone effect is achieved by using springs with variable thickness. Such a mattress allows for the ideal body position during sleep, providing maximum comfort and the greatest orthopedic effect

Advantage of Pocket Spring Mattresses 

The structure of independent pocket springs ensures unrestricted airflow, providing an optimum micro-climate for the user. The pocket core has priority over the wired core and offers an enhanced orthopedic effect, as the pockets are elastic and provide support to the body.

Bonnell Spring Mattresses

The Bonnell spring mattress is an economical solution for those who prefer the traditional mattress. The core of the mattresses are the ‘Bonnell’ type dependent springs. Pressure on spring is immediately distributed to all the springs in a wave effect. To ensure softness and comfort, these mattresses are additionally coated with elastic materials, such as polyurethane cotton wool and polyurethane foam.

All fabrics undergo heat treatment, thus obtaining the properties of antibacterial products.

Box-spring beds

The first distinctive advantage of box-spring beds over its structural predecessors is the advanced multi-level orthopedic support and comfort structure. The base is therefore composed of a base-block structure, providing it with additional amortization. Additionally, such a composition allows for longer mattress life as during use, the structure compensates and distributes the load evenly, with a well supported mattress having a longer comfort life.

Comfort – With a minimum height of 60cm, our box-spring beds are convenient to get into and out of, further providing benefits to the body with the optimal height. Additionally, the height visually raises you over the surrounding area, creating a truly royal sensation.

Style and Practicality – The box-spring bed has huge design potentials, allowing the customer to uniquely design the bedroom space. The bed fits into both minimalist design themes, as well as more refined decorated spaces. This bed truly allows the customer to express themselves when equipping their bedroom.

Matis business philosophy

Values that define us

Aware of the business environment and the ever-changing dynamics of the furniture market, we knew that the foundation on which we built a strong and prosperous company would have to be solid and guided by defined values and strong held principles. Two decades of investing in Matis brand resulted in:




All of our achievements are due to the responsible manner in which we conduct our business, respecting business ethics and all agreements we make.




We maintain the highest standards of production quality, while at the same time creating products that are the sum of technological quality and functional sense, aesthetically pleasing designs and all at best possible market prices.




We fully respect all of our agreements and delivery deadlines. We take pride in our partnerships and the trustworthy relations between ourselves and our partners.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We support the sustainability of our natural environment through smart and controlled use of natural resources. We are extremely proud of being a ‘zero waste company’, as we recycle and re-purpose all waste materials during the production of furniture.


What market demands, our technology delivers

By constantly following market demands, our technological system is designed to fulfil even the most complex ones. Designed as a flexible technological system, it allows the production of various products in both smaller and bigger series, always reaching the maximum productivity.


The complete machine subsystem exclusively consists of computer-controlled machines made by the leading world manufacturers. It is integrated with transport systems so the processing time is minimal, leading to the highest productivity in the furniture industry. Currently, the technological system consists of 5 different production lines (20,000m²) that are supplemented or replaced with technologically newer machines of the higher capacity, as the market and trends change.


Managing quality processes is done by sample quality controller as well as by controlling the final product output. Raw material storage space is 15,000m², final product space storage totals 25,000m² while the value of stock equals to 2,000,000 euros, guaranteeing product supply continuity.


Our people make you feel the difference

We believe that human potential is boundless, and as such we are constantly looking to train, both internally our existing talent, and externally the future leaders of tomorrow, allowing all staff members the opportunity to progress and develop their knowledge at a professional level, regardless of their background. Where we see potential, we invest in the individual.

A precisely defined business strategy, coupled with a highly organised and efficient management team, adherence to business ethics and loyalty are just some of the advantages that make our team what it is today.

Currently, the company employs over 1200 motivated and capable professionals across the Group, and is constantly seeking to train and acquire additional members to strengthen the team.

How our partners see us

Dedicated to the same goals – business growth, higher profits and satisfied customers