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Terms of use – Matis Group

The terms and conditions of cooperation between MATIS d.o.o. Ivanjica and the users of our company’s services, website visitors and others who want to access or use the services are defined hereinafter.

Please kindly read these Terms of Use carefully:

(“Terms”, “Terms of Use”) before using the website www.matisfurniture.com (“Service”, “our website”) which Matis Group (“we”, “us” or “ours”) manages.


General conditions


These Terms of Use are an integral part of Matis Group and as such they represent a contract between the company Matis d.o.o. Ivanjica, registered in the Republic of Serbia with an identification number 17473395 and a tax number 10271456, and the users of our services, website visitors, and everyone who would want to start using our services.

This contract defines the rights and obligations relating to the use of our company’s website and our services.


Confidential information


Matis Group does not want to receive confidential information through its website, and to classify information as confidential it is necessary to sign a confidentiality agreement where everything would be clearly defined. Matis Group will provide full support to everyone regarding the protection of personal rights, the right to privacy, property, and intellectual property.


Use of our site and disclaimer of liability


There is no charge to access the site, unless there is your obligation to pay the price of a communication connection (Internet) which you use to visit the site. You access the website at your own responsibility. Our services are intended exclusively for adults. Your access to the website can be disabled, limited or terminated at any time, if we notice any kind of an abuse of the website coming from your side. We cannot guarantee that the page will be displayed without errors and that the data-center will always ensure the availability of it. Content on the website can be changed without a prior notice.

Matis Group will not be responsible, in any way, for any inaccuracy or error in relation to information and materials which were found and published. Unauthorized use of the website, security breaches, or misuse of data access can lead to damage claim and / or will be treated as a criminal offense punishable under the applicable criminal law.


Copyright and intellectual property


Copying and misuse of information on our website, as well as materials from the site, is not allowed. You cannot reproduce or distribute downloaded information from website, including, but not limiting to text, graphics, video, code and / or software without our previous written authorization. If there is a button to share the content from our website, it is possible to share the content only in that manner.