Privacy Policy

Privacy policy – Matis Group

We have drawn up this privacy policy to help you better understand what information about your visit to the website we collect, how we use it, and what your choices as regards it are. Therefore, we would kindly ask you to take a moment and pay attention to the following.


1. Definitions

  • MATIS d.o.o Ivanjica, seated in Šume, 32250 Ivanjica, Serbia (hereinafter referred to as: “Matis Group”, “we”, “us”, “our”) refers to the legal entity governing the websites and
  • Personal data – means data referring to private persons who can be identified at some point.
  • User – means our website visitor.
  • Client – means the person who uses our services.
  • Usage data – means data the user enables us to use for the purposes of user experience improvement by clearly accepting them.
  • Cookies – mean small data sets which are kept in the user’s web browser while browsing the website.


2. About us

  • This website is the property of Matis Group, seated in Šume, 32250 Ivanjica, Serbia
  • Matis Group is a privately held company registered in the Republic of Serbia:


3. Relevant legislation


4. Who collects and processes information

  • On the basis of GDPR, every website user can make a choice: to accept or decline the collection of their personal data by the website.
  • Matis Group collects and processes only the necessary data about users who have voluntarily accepted and given consent to such data processing, with a clearly stated purpose, in accordance with the procedures governed by legislation.


5. Data collection:


5.1. Contact or order forms


  • When you contact us via the contact form, order form or email, your personal data will be collected only upon your written consent, by ticking the box which states that you have read and accepted or declined our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy, which is why we kindly ask you to read these two pages thoroughly.
  • This data will be stored and processed only for the purpose of answering all your queries or getting in contact with you for business purposes and the related technical administration. Such data includes your name, email address (hereinafter referred to as: email), phone number, location, description of your needs and other information you choose to give us.
  • Your data will be completely deleted upon your request, and we will not store or use them after we no longer need them.
  • Upon your written request, we will send you the information about the data we have collected and stored about you until that moment, incorporated in an electronic form.


5.2. Website hosting servers


  • Our website is hosted by Hetzner Online GmbH, a company whose servers are located in Nuremberg, Germany.
  • This company and its data center/server are protected by the following:
    • Fire protection
    • Early warning system directly connected with a local fire brigade
    • Special door lockdown systems
    • 24/7 assistance of qualified personnel
    • Electronic access terminal entry via a transponder key or access card
    • Modern CCTV with 24/7 surveillance of access pathways
    • DDOS protection
    • DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certification
    • Internationally approved information safety standard
  • When you visit our web page, our web server stores usage data from your computer or general information about your visit but is not able to recognize or store any individual personal data. We cannot identify you personally unless you willingly give us your personal data. Personal data is gathered only if you voluntarily publish such data for agreement purposes or setting up a client account.
  • The traffic (file transferring) between this web page and your search engine is encrypted and delivered entirely via HTTPS. HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) refers to an internet protocol which combines HTTP and SSL/TLS protocols. This protocol enables an encrypted communication and safe identification of the Internet Service Provider (ISP).


Cookie policy and data collection via cookies


  • Whenever you browse a web location, mobile app or use any other Internet service, certain information is created and verified upon your approval, that is, having accepted the Terms of Use. This is also valid in case of visiting Matis Group website.
  • Here is a piece of information we gather:
    • Similarly to the majority of websites, we use Google Analytics (GA) for user interaction tracking. We use this data to count the number of visits, that is the number of users who visit our website, and to understand their needs better so as to improve user experience (UX).
  • For more information about these rules, please visit our Cookie Policy webpage.


6. What we know about you

  • We gather only data for which you have given us your consent.
  • For example, we do not know your email address unless you send it to us via email or contact forms. This data is used only within our company and we do not sell it nor distribute it to third parties.
  • If you have already given us your email but do not wish to receive any emails or newsletters in the future, you can contact us via email and ask for your personal data removal.


7. How long we keep your data

  • We keep your information no longer than it is necessary for us to provide you with the service and accomplish the purposes set out in this Policy.
  • If the conditions for keeping your data are no longer applicable, we will completely remove and delete them from our databases.


8. Third party data processing


9. Data breaches

  • We will inform our users about any unlawful data breaches of this website’s database or databases of any of our third-party data processors and report such events to all relevant persons within our company and to the authorities within 72 hours of the breach if it is obvious to us that personal data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen.


10. Amendments to this privacy policy

  • Matis Group can amend this Privacy Policy as needed. This Policy was drawn up and updated on August 9, 2020.
  • Matis Group keeps the right to change this Privacy Policy when necessary, in order to align and act in accordance with amendments to relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Should such amendments or changes occur, we will not explicitly inform our clients or website users thereof. Instead, we recommend you to visit this page occasionally to stay informed about the changes to this Policy.
  • If you think that Matis Group does not abide by this Privacy Policy, please contact us via our Contact page.